Saturday, April 2, 2011

Rest In Peace

This post is written with great sadness and a heavy heart. On Tuesday, March 29, 2011, Anthony's earthly remains were found on one of his farms by a search team from the OSBI office in Lawton. I hope that Anthony knows of the search efforts that the family and friends have conducted over the last 21 months. He has been missed by all of us. We so hoped to find him alive but we feared the worse and those fears were realized this week. Upon word of his passing, we have had an outpouring of kind words and sentiments from so many of his friends. Please know that this means so much to all of us. He was truly blessed with so many that loved him. Anthony was a kind and compassionate man. Friends have expressed how he tried to take care of everyone around him. He gave to many and expected very little in return. He was a truly generous man and enjoyed making others happy. We thank each of you for your well wishes, your kind words, and prayers. This has been a difficult week for us and just knowing all of you are there to support us just as you supported Anthony does help. Rest in peace Anthony.

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  1. You are all in our prayers and may our Father give you the strength to go through this, and cover you with His Love! One is never ready to loose anybody, no matter the circumstances, and remember that all our prayers are there to hold you up in this very sad time!
    Maryne Bethea,
    In Rena's Doll club.