Saturday, June 12, 2010

Year Anniversary is Near

For the most part anniversaries are happy occasions. But not this one. I never expected a year to pass and that we wouldn't know where Anthony was. I know there are many people that have been waiting for years and years to get news on their missing loved ones and my heart goes out to them!

I changed up the look of the blog to an outdoorsy look. Anthony loved to be outside. He loved to hike around, fish, hunt, or just sit on a porch and talk with dear friends. Anthony loved to be around family and friends. He was very sociable and actually hated doing anything alone.

We, of course, all miss him dearly. His Mom and Dad saw him every month if not more often. And they talked to him almost daily on the phone. And not hearing from him for one year has been hard plus we have no closure.

We again thank all of you for your prayers, help with searches, help with vigil and all that you have done. It is great to know that we are surrounded by friends and loved ones at this time.

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