Monday, June 21, 2010

June 21 - First Anniversary

Yesterday and today have been difficult days. Yesterday was Father's Day and Anthony disappeared on Father's Day, 2009. And of course, today is the official 1 year anniversary of his disappearance.

As is the case with many missing person cases, I feel someone out there knows something about Anthony's location. They may have either helped him leave town or they may know where his body is.

There is not 1 second of any day that someone in our family is not thinking about Anthony. Our thoughts are all over the place. At times we are thinking of the good times that we have had with him or about how kind and generous he is or we are just wondering where can he be. We long for the day to even have Anthony back with us or at least to get some closure.

We pray for answers for all families with missing loved ones.

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