Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Four Months and No Signs

Today is October 21. I know you all know that but did you know that today is the 4 month anniversary of Anthony's disappearance.... and we have no additional information. For this blog I am going to include comments and thoughts that have been expressed by different family members and friends.

Rena and William (parents) say with tears in their eyes that there isn't a day that goes by that they don't talk about Anthony and all the things that they did together. Every day they think of him and miss him so much. They did so many things with him and not having him here is so hard for them.

Candice (sister) says that she is determined to find Anthony. She will not give up. She misses him so much and desperately longs for answers. She thinks of him everyday and spends time planning the next search or event. She hopes that Anthony knows how desperate we are to find him and how much we care.

Kevin (brother) says he is hoping to cover as much of the surrounding farm land as possible. He wants to eliminate all the land near the farm where the abandoned pick up was found. He hopes that if anyone is aware of Anthony's whereabouts that they will inform the authorities. This would mean so much to our entire family. Today is the four month anniversary of Anthony's disappearance but at times it feels like yesterday that he was with us.

Teresa, that's me, says that each day, week and month that goes by with no additional clues, I find myself really fearful that we may never find him. I worry that if he was a victim of foul play that there will not be justice. I worry that if he was accidentally killed, that we may never find his body. And I worry that if he left on his own accord that we may never learn where he is.

Coletta (close friend) says she still comes home every day thinking that Anthony will just be sitting on the deck just like he used to do. She said Anthony loves to sit out there and just talk.

Joel and Laveta (Uncle and Aunt) says that when they first heard he was missing they never dreamed it would be 4 months later and the family would have no idea where he is. We think of Anthony as our son not just as a nephew. We miss him and just hope and pray we get answers soon.

Dana (cousin) says she feels isolated from the family searches and other activities since she is living in Colorado. She does what she can like keeping Anthony in her prayers and distributing posters. She says that she feels very anxious for every search and can't wait to hear the results of the searches. She hopes we learn something soon.

These are just some of our thoughts and feelings. WE ALL MISS ANTHONY and we all long for the day that we can embrace Anthony or that we get some answers.

This week a new poster was made available. It is through The National Center for Missing Adults. See this link to print it and we would love it if you could post it in a window or send the link to a friend.

Thanks again for even just taking the time to read this. We appreciate all that everyone has done!

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