Saturday, October 3, 2009

Article - written for national truckers magazine

We Miss Anthony Holland
By William, Rena, Candice, Kevin Holland and Joel, Laveta, Teresa, Dana and Brian Rippetoe

Our son and brother, Anthony Holland, has lived in Cordell, Oklahoma for over 30 years. He worked for himself as a Snap-On dealer and successfully supported his wife and 2 sons until Fathers Day, June 21, 2009, when he suddenly disappeared. He was last seen at his home at 4:30 PM. His abandoned pick-up was found the following day on one of his farms located about 8 miles from his home. On Wednesday, June 24th, his cell phone was found on that same land. Anthony had attended a Gun Show in Elk City, Oklahoma, on June 20th and June 21st, where he purchased guns and Christmas gifts. Those remain at his home along with his wallet, checkbook, credit cards, cash and drivers license.

Anthony’s favorite pastimes are visiting with family and friends, attending Flea Markets, Gun Shows and shopping at used-book stores. He loved to read western books and spending time outdoors. His favorite activities included hunting, fishing, hiking and exploring the country-side. If Anthony has chosen to disappear and just walked off on his own accord, then we feel he would love to visit the coastal areas, Colorado, New Mexico, The Dakotas, Wyoming and Montana.

Each of us remembers what we were doing and where we were when we received the news of his disappearance. We all believed he would be coming back home, then as hours turned into days, and days turned into weeks, we have grown weary with fear. It is so very devastating not knowing if Anthony has been hurt and we just didn't get to him in time or if he is all alone wondering if his family even cares enough to come and look for him. We have not and will not lose hope that he is still alive, of course the fear of never seeing Anthony again is never far from our minds. Life is truly a roller coaster for our family right now. We all have a complete void in our lives right now. We have no where to go to speak to Anthony whether it be at a family function, on the phone, or a grave sight. We pray for God to provide strength and guidance.

There have been many searches that included divers, spelunkers, cadaver dogs and tracking dogs. Many local citizens have gone out in the heat and searched the rough terrain. The family and friends continue to do searches. We appreciate all the help that everyone has provided. We acknowledge the work that you as truck drivers do in bringing closure to cases. The relief you bring to families is impossible to put into words. We also acknowledge the help that Project Jason provides to families of the missing. We are so thankful for this wonderful network of help.

In the hope that Anthony is out there, we hope and pray that he may have caught a ride with one of you or visited with you at a truck stop or over a meal. Anthony is very social and would not hesitate to walk up and talk to a stranger. All his friends say he can talk to anyone. If you did get to talk with Anthony, he would likely tell you all about his life experiences and his recent travels. He would consider you a friend for life for any one act of kindness.

If you have any information on Anthony’s whereabouts please call:
Agent Joe Ferrero with the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation at 800-522-8017 or
Sheriff Larry Burrows with the Washita Co. Sheriff’s Department at 580-832-2334.

We all miss Anthony so much and just long for the day to embrace him again. Thanks so much for your help and may God bless you in all that you do.

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