Saturday, January 22, 2011

Melissa and Anthony

This month marks the 4th year since Melissa Flores disappeared. She was last seen on Jan 27, 2007. The OSBI has labeled her case a homicide yet no one is paying for the crime they committed against Melissa. Her family continues to ride the emotional roller coaster this puts you on. Melissa deserves justice and so does her family.

Anthony has been missing for over 1.5 years now from the same small town as Melissa - Cordell, Oklahoma. His home where he was last seen still has NOT been searched. Why would his home not be searched? It makes no sense.

Something has to be done. Laws need to be changed. If you can successfully hide a body you can get away with murder. Please write to your senator, write to your state representative, write to the General Attorney's office. Something has to be done. Don't let this happen to your family. Cordell is a very small town and two people have just disappeared. Something is wrong with that picture.

You can email with any information you might have on either Anthony or Melissa or just to ask questions.

Thanks again for all the support, the prayers, and the help so many of you have provided. We appreciate all of you.

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