Saturday, December 12, 2009


Today is Anthony's 52nd birthday!!! The picture is from his birthday back in 1982. He has been missing for 25 weeks - well actually it is 25 weeks tomorrow. And we all still miss him desperately!

Everyday is hard for all of us. Today on his birthday it is exceptionally hard. He is never far from our thoughts. We think of him everyday and have to strive to not let this situation control all our thoughts. It is just so puzzling. We go through thought patterns of thinking and hoping is alive and well. Then you ask yourself "Why didn't he take money with him or what is he living on? And why hasn't anyone heard from him?". Then you have moments where you consider the worse. Did someone do something to him and if so where did they put his body. Then you think, did he accidentally die or do harm to himself? But then you think, how come we cannot find his body. It's hard to hide yourself that well.

If you know Anthony, you know how generous he is. He is one of the most generous people I have ever known. And you would know how kind and sweet he is. He also loves to just sit and talk. That is one of the reasons I have a hard time thinking he is okay because I feel like he would have called someone by now. He would have a hard time not reaching out to family and friends just to see how things are going. He would have to know what all has changed since he left.

And if you know Anthony you know he did have some problems. But don't we all? The one thing about Anthony is that he is a fighter. He would always find a way to overcome. Maybe this disappearance is part of that plan for him. I hope so.

Anthony is so missed by his mom, dad and his sister and brother. I know they shed tears almost daily. They spend hours just reminiscing about him. It does them good to talk about him. It is so hard not to have closure. And of course Anthony is so missed by my family as well. He lived with us back in the 70's and is very much part of our family. We all love him and miss him dearly.

We all wish he was here so that we could have a birthday party for him and we look forward to having one with him in the future.

Please pray for Anthony's safety and his safe return. He is so important to all of us and we can't wait to have him with us again. And if having him with us is not to be, then we all need closure so please include this in your prayers.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANTHONY wherever you are. And may God be with you!

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